Thinking about supervision for you and your team? You've come to the right place.

Are you a leader in education or childcare? Do you feel that when your job is a it's best it's varied, fulfilling and fun? But, at its worst, it's stressful, overwhelming, and taking it's toll? Do you worry about the impact of this mental load? If you are leading a team, are you are worried about the impact of the stress on them?

There is so much discussion about well-being and workload being on 'the agenda', the importance of professional development towards improvement, and, you know that safeguarding is the most important thing for the children in your care. But how do you find the right balance of these three things? Well, you've made it here, to find out more about supervision, and that's a brilliant first step!

If you are thinking about exploring supervision for yourself, read on.

What if there was something that could be put in place to help you manage all of the juggling? 

- something you could do to balance the well-being alongside continued focus on professional development. 

- something that created space to check in on safeguarding concerns and reflect on challenges you are facing?

Wouldn't that be amazing?  

Well, there is:

 Supervision can be transformative to you, your staff and the children in your setting, and we can help you.

If you work with Early Years children supervision is a statutory requirement detailed in the Early Years Framework, updated in 2023. If you work in other age groups supervision may not be statutory, but there is growing momentum and recommendations to be used for leaders across the Education and Childcare sector. 

The data around the mental load of our work is stark...

How does supervision help?

Supervision tackles the workload and well-being head on, building resilient, happier leaders who are better equipped to face the challenges of working in the Education and Childcare sector today. A high quality supervision offer supports organisations to recruit and retain staff who know they are valued.

Supervision, implemented well, gives space for staff to share concerns, reflect on practise and become independent in setting goals for improvement. OFSTED feedback has shown that settings with an embedded supervision culture have happier, more motivated staff and achieve better outcomes for their pupils overall.

But supervision can be challenging to implement and tough to invest the time into, to create the impact you need. 

Now there's a solution, in fact a few solutions. Finally, affordable options for supervision support. 

Let's take you and your setting from Supervision Zero, to Supervision Hero!

There are 3 main ways to work with us to solve your supervision needs:


  • Innovative supervision group programmes,
  • Full training to facilitate within your setting, access any time,
  • 1:1 peer listening pairs,
  • Expert facilitation,
  • Implementation support,
  • Monthly sessions Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • 6 or 11 month packages,
  • Small group sizes


  • 1:1 supervision with Emma
  • Monthly sessions at a time to suit you.
  • 6 month blocks
  • Leadership upgrade available:
    • Full training to facilitate within your setting, access any time,
    • Implementation planning session


New training package:

  • Planning and implementation for leaders
  • Sessions to suit all staff
  • Training to implement a range of models 
  • Recorded training, accessible 24/7
  • 2 x 1:1 sessions for planning and implementation support.

Bespoke supervision sessions and training to suit your school, setting or organisation are available.

We can cover personalised training, implementation support and a range of hybrid supervision options to meet the needs of you and your team. Book a call or send us an email at to discuss your needs.

What's the cost of support?

We understand the pressures that school and childcare settings are facing currently. We are committed to providing supervision support which meets the needs of individuals and organisations at affordable costs. 

Our programme groups are the best value giving training, support and expert facilitated 1:1 peer supervision for just £250 for 6 months and £450 for 11 months. Group spaces are available starting in February. 

1:1 Supervision options start from £420 for 6 months. If you want 1:1 supervision but also training as you supervise others in your setting you can join our Leadership Package for just £595.

If you want to implement supervision in house our Full Staff Training package is just £350.

If you're looking for something different, perhaps you want supervision for your whole team, or a group of Leaders in your organisation and you'd like personalised training and support, we can create bespoke packages to suit your budget.

Ready to find out more - read on for detailed information about Group, 1:1 and training options.

We know that implementing successful supervision is a big challenge. It's tough to create and protect time, ensure staff are trained, and hold trusted and confidential space. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get external support or even outsource your supervision? But isn't it expensive? I've been where you are and I wanted to create an affordable but highly effective option for supervision. Our programme groups are just that:

Supervision group programmes are innovative, finally bringing affordable options to the table. 

Each programme group includes:

1. Supervision training - full training to ensure all participants feel confident in their roles as supervisers and supervisees:

  • What supervision is and how to be clear on the intent for your setting.
  • Supervising - How to lead successful supervision sessions (meaning participants can supervise others in their own schools and settings).
  • Being Supervised - Learning how to be the supervisee, getting the best from your own supervision sessions
  • All training is recorded and accessible at times to suit participants.

2. Monthly supervision sessions - Sessions are usually in the last week of the month, depending on terms. They are on Tuesday from 6-8pm or Thursday from 12.30-2.30pm. Group sizes are kept small to support relationships and trust.

3. 1:1 Supervision as part of peer listening pairs - focussed time every month to share concerns, worries and that 'heavy load'. Support to reflect and explore challenges, to talk through steps to improve practise and solve problems. The opportunity to share confidential space with colleagues who get where you are. 

4. Developing leadership competencies and connection through supervising - the opportunity to supervise others during 1:1 peer listening is a valuable opportunity to develop as a leader and create connection by supporting others.

5. Expert facilitation to offer advice and support in each session.

6. Bespoke email and voice note support for implementation, trouble shooting, policy writing and more.

It's just £250pp for 6 months support - incredible value to be trained in supervision and have your own 1:1 supervision support through our peer listening approach.

February start for our programme group:

We have spaces in our innovative group supervision programme. Participants will access an introduction meeting with Emma, all of the training and an invite to our February session. Sessions are usually on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons near the end of each month, but we sometimes create additional sessions to meet the needs of participants.

If you are looking to outsource all of your supervision, you can buy multiple places on our groups, or we can do this through a bespoke package. We can create personalised supervision groups for your school or organisation.

We have been listening to leaders and many are interested in supervision but some don't have the budget to invest in 1:1 and group supervision for large numbers of staff. Great leaders want to explore implementation of supervision across whole teams and their full staff in schools, to ensure the positive impact is spread across their organisation. Leaders want high quality, easily accessible content which can be shared with their staff, and support to create a vision which fits their setting and to implement it well.

We listened and we acted. We have created an all new training package.


The package includes:

  • Planning and implementation training for leaders
  • Sessions to suit all staff
  • Training to implement a range of models in your setting
  • Recorded training, accessible 24/7
  • 2 x 1:1 sessions for planning and implementation support.

The training is just £350 for a one off cost. Get supervision started in your setting this year. Click below to order or book a call to discuss the offer further.

1:1 supervision is perfect for leaders who are looking for reflective space to support their well-being and to develop their practise.

1:1 Supervision is primarily aimed at leaders and practitioners working in education and childcare. Through supportive, client led sessions we explore the challenges you are currently facing including the emotional load of the important work you do. You have space to offload and concerns, worries and stresses. We look at safeguarding practises and the impact these can have when working with families and young people. Sessions create judgement free space to discuss key challenges you are facing and, through a coaching model, support your reflection and exploration of steps forward. Clients often report feeling 'lighter', 'more positive' and 'clearer on actions to take' after our sessions.

Sessions are:

  • Approximately 1 hour long and led by Emma.
  • Mostly online but can be face-to-face depending on location. 
  • Usually monthly sessions at a time to suit you (evening and weekend options available).

Before you start 1:1 sessions you will be invite to a free 30 minute introduction call to get to know Emma, hear about how the sessions are organised and to ask any questions. 

Looking to book supervision for a staff member? Not a problem, you can book in and let us know their name and contact details. We can organise everything from there. 

If you are unsure whether 1:1 is the support you need, just book a call and we can connect.

Here's what our clients say:

Got some questions? Have a look at our FAQ's below or book a call to talk to us.

We make the session times bespoke to each client for 1:1 packages. We don't advocate working at all hours, but we totally understand that it's hard to get time in the day to join calls. We offer all sorts of time availability. You can request evening and weekend calls to suit your timetables. Our programme group times are scheduled to best meet the needs of the group. We survey participants to find what will work and we always offer 2 or more options each month so you can find a time that works.

We offer on boarding for all new clients. If you book a programme group you will receive full training in supervision and that means both leading supervision sessions and also being a supervisee. You will recieve preparation materials for sessions to help you feel really ready. For all 1:1 clients we invite you to an introductory call where we explain the process and share the preparation materials with you. You can ask all of your questions on the call to help you feel confident about getting started.

All of our training is pre-recorded (unless you have requested a bespoke package with face to face). You can access the sessions at a time to suit you and they are available for the duration of your package, so you can go back to recap where needed.

Yes! Our online sessions work brilliantly and are so convenient for most, but we love seeing people in real life! We can offer face to face training and supervision depending on your location. We are based in Exeter, Devon. Travel expenses are included in bespoke support options where required.

It's important that you and your staff feel positive about engaging in supervision. You can book a call with us so that your staff member can meet us and ask any questions before you commit. Just click on the 'book a call' button to do this. If there isn't a time to suit, pop up an email at and we can find a time that works.

Prefer to email your questions? Use the form below and we will get back to you asap.